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How committed are you? Do you want your licence urgently? At GoWise, your learning is tailored to give you the freedom of complete independence in the shortest time possible. We passionately care and provide the utmost professional learning environment to advance your safety standards and the chances of passing your driving test in Christchurch.

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At a Glance:

What you will learn

Whether you are an absolute beginner or an intermediate. We can help you master these skills.

Managing Risk & Hazards

Proficiency in Traffic Laws

How to Pass a Driving Test

Vehicle Control and Manipulation

Understanding others behaviour

Local Road Knowledge


I passed my restricted driving test in one go with his teachings. His teaching-style suited my learning techniques and he’s aware of it. His attention to detail has definitely helped me be become a better driver.

Janice Kiddney

I was on my learner licence and decided to take lessons with Tulsi prior to sitting my Restricted Driving Test. Tulsi is both highly competent and professional; he always arrived precisely on time and was an effective communicator both inside and outside of the vehicle. Tulsi has a critical eye and will pick up on mistakes that you were not aware of. In my experience, he also has a good rapport with his clients, ensuring that each lesson is tailored to your specific needs. In furtherance of this, Tulsi also ensures that you are both working on the same timeline with regards to your driving test and makes the effort to follow up afterwards to ensure you passed. All said I took five lessons with Tulsi and each of them were of vital importance that demonstrably improved my driving, and contributed to passing my Restricted Driving Test. Each lesson was a pleasure, and he has my full endorsement for anyone looking to engage a driving instructor.

Nicholas Fraser-Young

Tulsi Nandan has taught my sister, my brother and myself and we are so happy we’ve had him to coach us through all our driving tests. He’s made all of us feel at ease and safe throughout our lessons, and is an excellent teacher. I’ll never forget his sure fire way to reverse into a parallel park – people always compliment me on my fearlessness to parallel and it’s because of Tulsi Nandan!!

Petra Westropp

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there anything I need before taking a lesson?

A valid New Zealand or overseas driver licence.

What is the duration of the lesson?

An hour long.

Can I have an extended lesson?

Yes, that is possible. But it depends on your level of alertness and concentration.

How much is a lesson?

Lessons with the instructor are $70* an hour. (*T&Cs apply)

Can I be picked up from school or home for my driving lesson?

Yes, we can pick you up or meet you at your preferred location.

What if live out of City area, can I still be picked up?

Yes, provided you are within a 20-kilometre radius or within half-an hours reach.

What are the available hours for the lessons?

Everyday except Tuesdays from 9am up to the time of the sunset.

Should I learn to drive with parents and family before taking a lesson?

Getting initial professional lessons is highly recommended. If you get your basics right it enhances your upskilling much faster and you will be rewarded for being much safer on our roads. You will also not pick-up someone else’s bad habits which may take a lot longer to correct.

How many lessons do I need to pass a restricted driving test?

We all are different and as such it varies from one learner to the other. NZTA recommends 120 hours of driving before a restricted test. Passing a test requires comprehensive knowledge, skills and confidence and these can be ascertained through these lessons. We can gauge your level of skills and competencies during your first lesson and draft a plan for the number of lessons required that will boost your confidence and competence. However, it requires an effort on part of the learners and regular practice between lessons.

Do your cars have dual control?

Yes, we have an extra brake and accelerator on the front passenger side.

Is your instructor fully qualified to teach?

Yes, accredited by the Land Transport New Zealand.

Do you do lessons for those going for full licence test?

Certainly, yes. It’s an investment which you will never regret. It prepares you for the most unexpected issues that you will be tested on.

How do I pay for my lessons?

Either cash or through internet banking on the day of your lesson.

How do I book lessons?

Simply click “Book Now” below or visit book.gowise.co.nz

If you have other queries feel free to contact us and we will get back to you asap.

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